Er. Adarsh Kumar Tiwari

Assistant Professor (Contract)



  1. Adarsh Kumar Tiwari , Shashwat Nagar , A. K. Shukla Innovative Technologies for Construction of Rural Road Pavements using Local Resources, IJEAT, 2020, DOI : 10.35940/ijeat.E9989.069520

FDP/Seminar/Conference/Webinars Participated

Title Activity Type Duration Sort ascending Participated as Status
Applications of Repair and Rehabilitation in Bridges Webinar - Attendee National
Emerging Technologies in Civil Engineering and Applications FDP - Attendee National
Soil Investigation and Design of Foundation- Case Studies Webinar - Attendee National
Engineered And Scientific Rain Water Harvesting & its Utilisation Webinar - Attendee National
Transforming Engineering Education: Emerging Scenario Webinar - Attendee National
Advances in Civil and Structural Engineering FDP - Attendee National
AI Getting Used in Impact of Covid-19 Webinar - Attendee National
Research Article Writing and Publishing in Good Journal Webinar - Attendee National
Recent Innovations in Renewable Energy Technologies and Smart Grids FDP - Attendee National
Virtual Interactive Classroom For Teachers and The Challenging Technologies in Post Covid-19 Era Webinar - Attendee National
Knowledge sharing on A to Z of journal publications Webinar - Attendee National
Recycled Aggregates for Sustainable Road Construction Webinar - Attendee National
Superplasticizers and their use in Indian Climate Conditions Webinar - Attendee National
Achieving Concrete Durability: Beliefs, Myths and Reality Webinar - Attendee National
Pavement Construction Machinery- Part 1: Asphalt Plants Webinar - Attendee National
Digital Transformation In Teaching and Learning Process FDP - Attendee National
Water Supply Engineering Online Course - Attendee National
Maintenance and Repair of Concrete Structures Online Course - Attendee National
Mechanical Characterisation of Bituminous Materials Online Course - Attendee National
Advances in Renewable and Bioenergy FDP - Attendee National
Geotechnical Engineering Laboratory FDP - Attendee National
Recent Advances in Transport Infrastructure (RAT MANIT 2018) Conference - Author International