Er. Prayass

Assistant Professor (Contract)



  1. Niranjan Ghule , Prayass Rai Numerical Study of Turbine Blade film cooling Technology, National Conference on Technological Development in Civil and Mechanical Engineering TDCME-2018, 2018,


  1. Akash Srivastava , Sumeet Shekhar , Prayass Rai Analysis of Welding Joints and Processes, International Journal of Computer Applications, 2016,


  1. Sumeet Shekhar , Prayass Rai , Roshan Jha , Sanjay Sharma Comparative Study of Thermal Efficiency of Artificially Roughened Solar Air Heaters, Journal of Energy Research and Environmental Technology , 2014,
  2. Sanjay Sharma , Sumeet Shekhar , Prayass Rai , Prayass Rai Comparative Study of Thermo-Hydraulic Performance of Artificially Roughened Solar Air Heaters, Recent trends in mechanical engineering, 2014, DOI : DOI: 10.13140/2.1.5127.5205

FDP/Seminar/Conference/Webinars Participated

Title Activity Type Duration Sort ascending Participated as Status
Potential of Hydrogen as a Prospective Low-emission Fuel Expert Lecture - Attendee National
An Overview of Industry 4.0 and it's Technologies Expert Lecture - Attendee National
Indigence of Inter-Disciplinary Skills in Robotics Expert Lecture - Attendee National
Digital Transformation in Teaching Learning Process Online Course - Attendee National
Recent Aspects of Power System Optimization Workshop - Attendee National
International Conference on Defence and Space Technologies, ICDST 2019 Conference - Attendee International
Aircraft Propulsion FDP - Attendee National
Convective Heat Transfer FDP - Attendee National
Finite Element Analysis Using ANSYS FDP - Attendee National