Er. Santosh Kumar Pandey

Assistant Professor (Contract)

FDP/Seminar/Conference/Webinars Participated

Title Activity Type Duration Sort ascending Participated as Status
ERUDITE TALK on Role of STEM( Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) in Modern Education Webinar - Attendee International
ERUDITE TALK on Power Industry Today Webinar - Attendee International
ERUDITE TALK on The Physical Limitations of Electric Machines Webinar - Attendee International
Innovation, Entrepreneurship and its Relevance in Industry 4.0 Practices in the Post Covid-19 Situation FDP - Attendee National
ERUDITE TALK on Artificial Intelligence Webinar - Attendee International
Mathematical modelling and spread of covid 19 Webinar - Attendee National
Innovation For Entrepreneurs Seminar - Attendee National
ANSYS Webinar Webinar - Attendee National
Deep Learning Expert Lecture - Attendee National
Managerial Skills and Interpersonal Dynamics Expert Lecture - Attendee National
Unnat Bharat Abhiyan Expert Lecture - Attendee National
Potential of Hydrogen as a Prospective Low-emission Fuel Expert Lecture - Attendee National
How to Communicate Effectively Expert Lecture - Attendee National
Blockchains & Bitcoins Expert Lecture - Attendee National
Industry 4.0 Expert Lecture - Attendee National
Indigence of Inter-Disciplinary Skills in Robotics: Consternation or Motivation Expert Lecture - Attendee National
Digital Transformation in Teaching Learning Process Online Course - Attendee National
Inspection and Quality Control in Manufacturing Online Course - Attendee National
Computer Integrated Manufacturing Online Course - Attendee National
Recent Aspects of Power System Optimization Workshop - Attendee National
Environment Management Framework for TEQIP-III Institutions (1.1 & 1.2) Workshop - Invited Talk National
Finite Element Analysis using ANSYS FDP - Attendee National
Challenges & Opportunities for Technical innovation in India Conference - Attendee National