Er. Sameeksha Tandon

Assistant Professor (Contract)

FDP/Seminar/Conference/Webinars Participated

Title Activity Type Duration Sort ascending Participated as Status
ATAL FDP on Internet of Things FDP - Attendee National
Neural Networks and Deep Learning Online Course - Attendee International
Deep Learning by Prof. R. K. Agrawal, Professor, School of Computer & Systems Sciences, Jawaharlal Nehru University… Expert Lecture - Attendee National
Pervasive use of Artificial Intelligence in Industry Expert Lecture - Attendee National
Webinar Weekly - Series 1: Science of Dealing with Data Analysis (SPSS Data Processing) Conference - Attendee National
Webinar on Virtual Labs - a Reality for Degree level institutions under TEQIP-III Seminar - Attendee National
Project: Multiple Linear Regression with scikitlearn Online Course - Attendee International
Predicting House Prices with Regression using TensorFlow Online Course - Attendee International
Problem Based and Project Based Learning Workshop - Attendee National
International Conference on Contemporary Computing and Applications (IC3A 2020) Conference - Attendee International
One month Short Training Program on UI Designing & Programming Workshop - Organizer National