Er. Upendra Kumar Shukla

Assistant Professor (Contract)

FDP/Seminar/Conference/Webinars Participated

Title Activity Type Duration Sort ascending Participated as Status
Interaction with Student Innovators and Entrepreneurs Emerged from Smart India Hackathon (SIH) Webinar - Attendee National
Frugal Innovations and Social Entrepreneurship Webinar - Attendee National
Use of Market Data and Application of Marketing Research Tools and Methodology - Increasing Chances of Survivality of… Webinar - Attendee National
Idea, Entrepreneurship Opportunities, Business Model and Business Plan Webinar - Attendee National
Leadership Talk with Dr. Pramod Chaudhari, Founder, Chairman, Praj Industries Limited and Dr. Abhay Jere, Chief… Webinar - Attendee National
Innovation Risk Diagnostic — Product Innovation Rubric(PIR) Webinar - Attendee National
Understanding Role and Application of Marketing Research at Idea to StartUp Stage Webinar - Attendee National
Innovating Self- Screen and Identify right opportunities Webinar - Attendee National
Legal and Ethical Steps - Productive Entrepreneurship and Startup Webinar - Attendee National
Leadership talk webinar with Prof. D.P. Singh ,Chairman UGC Webinar Attendee National
Understanding Angel and Venture Capital Funding - What is there for Early Stage innovator & Entrepreneurs Webinar - Attendee National
Intellectual Property (IP) Management at Early Stage of Innovation and Start-ups Webinar - Attendee National
How to Ideintify Right Problem and Solution using the Double Diamond Approach in Design Webinar - Attendee National
Entrepreneurship, Business Idea and Business Model Canavas Webinar - Attendee National
Hangout with Successful Startup Founder Webinar - Attendee National
Role of Network Enablers in driving I&E in HEIs - A Case of TiE, India Webinar - Attendee National
Hangout with Emerging Innovator & Entreprenuers Supported through MIC & AICTE Conference - Attendee National
Career Opportunities for a Chemical Engineer, Why Entrepreneurship is a Crucial One Expert Lecture - Attendee National
Role and Importance of Pre-Incubators, Incubators and Accelerators in HEIs - Harnesing Innovation and Entrepreneurial… Webinar - Attendee National
National Innovation and Startup Policy for Students and Faculty 2019 - A Guiding Framework for HEIs for Implementation Webinar - Attendee National
Introduction To Fluid Mechanics Online Course - Attendee National
Process Control - Design Analysis and Assessment Online Course - Attendee National
Advances in Renewable and Bio-energy FDP - Attendee National
Recent Aspects of Power System Optimization Workshop - Attendee National
International Conference on Defence and Space Technologies,ICDST 2019 Conference - Attendee International
Continuum Mechanics and Transport Phenomena Online Course - Attendee National
Heat Transfer Online Course - Attendee National