Dr. Vijay Singh

Assistant Professor (Contract)
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  1. VIJAY SINGH , CHANDAN DAS Clarification of Citrus Fruit (Mosambi) Juice by Hybrid (Pretreatment and Membrane) Process, Materials Today: Proceedings -Scopus, Publisher: Elsevier, Materials Today: Proceedings, 2021, Impact Factor : 1.25


  1. V. SINGH , C. DAS Fabrication of cost effective iron ore slime ceramic membrane for the recovbery of organic solvent used in coke production, INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF COAL SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY, Springer Journals Publication, 2016,


  1. V. SINGH , C. DAS Utilization of non-coking coal for the development of dense ceramic membrane, 4th International conference on Recent Advances in Composite Materials, ICRACM 2013, 2013,
  2. V. SINGH , C. DAS Spiral wound ultrafiltration treatment of synthetic fruit juice, Indian Chemical Engineering Congress , CHEMCON-2013, 2013,
  3. V. SINGH , C. DAS Fouling and cleaning performance of spiral wound reverse osmosis membrane module, Annual Technical Festival, Reflux 01, 2013,
  4. V. SINGH , A. SAURABH , C. DAS Membrane based separation of mosambi juice and it’s degradation behaviour study during storage, in International Conference on Frontiers in Chemical Engineering, ICFCE 2013, 2013,


  1. V. SINGH , C. DAS Development of membrane based technology for the separation of coal from organic solvent, Desalination, SCIENCE DIRECT, 2012, Impact Factor : 6.67
  2. V. SINGH , C. DAS Study the Cleaning Performance for UF Module in Spiral Wound Membrane Fouled with Synthetic Juice, Indian Chemical Engineering Congress , CHEMCON 2012, 2012,


  1. V. SINGH , M.K. PURKAIT , C. DAS Cross flow microfiltration of industrial oily wastewater: experimental and theoretical consideration, Separation Science and Technology, Taylor & Francis, 2011,
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  1. International Conference on RICT 2021 - MNIT JAIPUR Author
  2. International Conference on RICT 2021 - MNIT JAIPUR Author
  3. Deep Eutectic Solvents for Environmental Remediation and Energy Storage - IIT GUWAHATI Attendee
  4. 1st International Conference on Membrane Science & Technology ICM 2020 - Pakistan membrane society (PMS) Author
  5. Chemical Process Industrial Safety in India: A big concern - MNIT JAIPUR Attendee
  6. Membrane Technology - MHRD SWYAM Attendee
  8. Introduction To Process Modeling In The Membrane Separation Process - MHRD SWYAM Attendee
  9. International conference on contemporary computing and applications (IC3A 2020) - AKTU Attendee
  10. International Conference on Defence and Space Technologies, ICDST 2019 - IET LUCKNOW Attendee
  11. International Conference on Defence and Space Technologies, ICDST 2019 - IET LUCKNOW Attendee


  1. Renewable Energy & Effluent Treatment - IET Lucknow Attendee
  2. The Challenges in Strengthening Clean Technology Entrepreneurship - MNIT JAIPUR Attendee
  3. Green Technology & Sustainability Engineering - Malaviya National Institute of Technology Jaipur Attendee
  4. Energy and Environment : Conversion, generation, storage and efficient utilization - NORTH EASTERN REGIONAL INSTITUTE OF SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY Attendee
  5. Next Generation of Chemical Manufacturing & Waste Management - IET Lucknow Attendee
  6. Materials Technology Advancement in Current Scenario MTACS 2020 - Sathyabama Institute of Science and Technology Chennai Attendee
  7. Advances in Materials Manufacturing Process and Properties AMMPP 2020 - MNIT JAIPUR Attendee
  8. Electric Vehicles : New Trends and Technologies - ABES Engineering College Ghaziabad Attendee
  10. FDP Programme on “Advances in Renewable and Bioenergy (ARB-2019) - IET LUCKNOW Attendee
  11. Workshop on “Recent Aspects of Power System Optimization - IET LUCKNOW Attendee
  12. FDP on “Finite element analysis using ANSYS” - IET LUCKNOW Attendee
  13. FDP on universal human values and professional ethics - IET LUCKNOW Attendee