Vision & Imaging Project Lab (VISIL)

Dr Y N Singh, Professor & Head

VISion and Imaging Laboratory (VISIL) at [email protected] is dedicated to finding solutions to the real-life problems in visual processing and physiological signal processing using machine learning, pattern recognition, medical image computing, human-computer interaction and biometrics. VISIL has state-of-the-art computing resources with 20 Intel core i7 3.4 GHz with 8GB RAM and 1TB HDD desktops connected to 24x7 high-speed Internet connections.

It includes sensing devices e.g., DSLR cameras, Camcoder, Fingerprint scanners, Palmprint scanners, Iris scanners. The laboratory has the PTB4263 Advanced Teaching System that allows students to investigate cardiovascular effects of exercise and record biopotentials including ECG, EMG and EEG from human subjects. The signal acquisition, representation, processing, analysis of ECG and EEG are being done for medical and biometric applications. 

The main work of VISIL includes:

  • Machine Learning Algorithms

  • Computer Vision and Image Analysis

  • Pattern recognition

  • Biometrics - Face Recognition in Constrained and Unconstrained Environment

  • Biometrics: Fingerprint Analysis

  • Biometrics - ECG as a Biometric

  • Biometrics - EEG analysis for Biometrics 

  • Clustering and Classification Algorithms

  • Medical Image segmentation

  • Object Recognition & Classification

  • Tracking and Gesture Analysis

  • Surveillance



  • RCS - 752 Artificial Intelligence Lab
  • RCS - 652 Data Warehousing & Data Mining Lab
  • RCS - 653 Computer Graphics Lab
  • RCS 754/RCS - 852 Project



Dr Y N Singh, Professor & Head



Dr Tanvir Tahir



Mr Deependra Misra



Dr Y N Singh, Professor & Head

Room # CS-310, II Floor, [email protected]