B Tech
Status of Project
The aim of this project is to design a greenhouse monitoring and controlling system based on the internet of things (IOT).A greenhouse is a covered area where plants grow and cultivate. It is also known as land of controlled crops and plants. Various greenhouse automation equipment like computer software and sensors are connected and used to collect data in the greenhouse environment to boost crop yields. This new innovative technology ( IoT or the Internet of Things) makes use of numerous sensors linked to a central greenhouse environment control computer. The greenhouse sensor systems have elements that monitor and control temperature, humidity, soil moisture, illumination and read external weather conditions via a weather station. These are monitored and regulated using a microcontroller which is connected to sensors and external mechanical devices.
Students Involved
Rudra Saksena (1805231045) Deepankar Sen (1805231023) Reema Maddheshia (1805231043) Utkarsh Sharma (1805231060)
Final Submission Date