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Welcome to IET Lucknow
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Institute of Engineering and Technology, Lucknow (popularly known as the-“Engineering College” in Lucknow) is one of the premier and top ranked institute among all technical institutions associated/affiliated to Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam Technical University, Lucknow. IET was established by the government of Uttar Pradesh in 1984 as a society governed Institute. The Institute is financed by Government of Uttar Pradesh and is being administered by the Executive Council of AKTU.

The institute has hostel facilities for boys and girls, committees consisting of elected student representatives manage them. All the hostels are located in the campus.

The institute is fully residential. The institute was formerly affiliated (1984-1999) to The University of Lucknow, currently An Autonomous Institute and recognised by AICTE. The institute is a constituent college of Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam Technical University.

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For Academic Documents Verification Please E-Mail to [email protected] with all the credentials to be verified.


Ref Dated PDF
TEQIP-III/2019/UP/ietl/297 IET-TEQIP3-CSED-MICRO PROCESSOR LAB 11-07-2019 Download
TEQIP-III/2019/UP/ietl/298 IET-TEQIP3-ECD-LAB-15 11-07-2019 Download
TEQIP-III/2019/UP/ietl/296 IET-TEQIP3-ME-LAB-5 11-07-2019 Download
TEQIP-III/2019/UP/ietl/255 IET-TEQIP-3-CSED-CAMCODER 06-07-2019 Download
TEQIP-III/2019/UP/ietl/72 IET-TEQIP-3-CSED-DSLR 06-07-2019 Download
TEQIP-III/2019/UP/ietl/258 IET-TEQIP-3-CSED-EPODIUM 06-07-2019 Download
TEQIP-III/2019/UP/ietl/247 IET-TEQIP-3-CSED-INFRARED CAMERA 06-07-2019 Download
TEQIP-III/2019/UP/ietl/74 IET-TEQIP-3-CSED-SCANNERS 06-07-2019 Download
TEQIP-III/2019/UP/ietl/267 IET-TEQIP-3-EED-LAB-1 06-07-2019 Download
TEQIP-III/2019/UP/ietl/290 IET-TEQIP-3-EED-LAB-2 06-07-2019 Download
TEQIP-III/2019/UP/ietl/268 IET-TEQIP-3-EED-LAB-3 06-07-2019 Download
TEQIP-III/2019/UP/ietl/269 IET-TEQIP-3-EED-LAB-4 06-07-2019 Download
TEQIP-III/2019/UP/ietl/270 IET-TEQIP-3-EED-LAB-5 06-07-2019 Download
TEQIP-III/2019/UP/ietl/271 IET-TEQIP-3-EED-LAB-6 06-07-2019 Download
TEQIP-III/2019/UP/ietl/272 IET-TEQIP-3-EED-LAB-7 06-07-2019 Download
TEQIP-III/2019/UP/ietl/273 IET-TEQIP-3-EED-LAB-8 06-07-2019 Download
TEQIP-III/2019/UP/ietl/291 IET-TEQIP-3-EED-LAB-FABRICATION 06-07-2019 Download
TEQIP-III/2019/UP/ietl/292 IET-TEQIP-3-EED-LAB-INSTRUMENTATION 06-07-2019 Download
TEQIP-III/2019/UP/ietl/259 IET-TEQIP-CED-LAB-1 06-07-2019 Download
TEQIP-III/2019/UP/ietl/260 IET-TEQIP-CED-LAB-2 06-07-2019 Download
TEQIP-III/2019/UP/ietl/262 IET-TEQIP-CED-LAB-3 06-07-2019 Download
TEQIP-III/2019/UP/ietl/263 IET-TEQIP-CED-LAB-4 06-07-2019 Download
TEQIP-III/2019/UP/ietl/264 IET-TEQIP-CED-LAB-5 06-07-2019 Download
TEQIP-III/2019/UP/ietl/265 IET-TEQIP-CED-LAB-6 06-07-2019 Download
TEQIP-III/2019/UP/ietl/266 IET-TEQIP-CED-LAB-7 06-07-2019 Download
TEQIP-III/2019/UP/ietl/248 IET-TEQIP-CHED-1 06-07-2019 Download
TEQIP-III/2019/UP/ietl/249 IET-TEQIP-CHED-2 06-07-2019 Download
TEQIP-III/2019/UP/ietl/250 IET-TEQIP-CHED-3 06-07-2019 Download
TEQIP-III/2019/UP/ietl/274 IET-TEQIP-3-ECD-LAB-1 05-07-2019 Download
TEQIP-III/2019/UP/ietl/283 IET-TEQIP-3-ECD-LAB-10 05-07-2019 Download
TEQIP-III/2019/UP/ietl/284 IET-TEQIP-3-ECD-LAB-11 05-07-2019 Download
TEQIP-III/2019/UP/ietl/285 IET-TEQIP-3-ECD-LAB-12 05-07-2019 Download
TEQIP-III/2019/UP/ietl/286 IET-TEQIP-3-ECD-LAB-13 05-07-2019 Download
TEQIP-III/2019/UP/ietl/287 IET-TEQIP-3-ECD-LAB-14 05-07-2019 Download
TEQIP-III/2019/UP/ietl/289 IET-TEQIP-3-ECD-LAB-16 05-07-2019 Download
TEQIP-III/2019/UP/ietl/275 IET-TEQIP-3-ECD-LAB-2 05-07-2019 Download
TEQIP-III/2019/UP/ietl/276 IET-TEQIP-3-ECD-LAB-3 05-07-2019 Download
TEQIP-III/2019/UP/ietl/274 IET-TEQIP-3-ECD-LAB-4 05-07-2019 Download
TEQIP-III/2019/UP/ietl/278 IET-TEQIP-3-ECD-LAB-5 05-07-2019 Download
TEQIP-III/2019/UP/ietl/282 IET-TEQIP-3-ECD-LAB-6 05-07-2019 Download
TEQIP-III/2019/UP/ietl/279 IET-TEQIP-3-ECD-LAB-7 05-07-2019 Download
TEQIP-III/2019/UP/ietl/280 IET-TEQIP-3-ECD-LAB-8 05-07-2019 Download
TEQIP-III/2019/UP/ietl/281 IET-TEQIP-3-ECD-LAB-9 05-07-2019 Download
TEQIP-III/2019/UP/ietl/237 IET-TEQIP-3-ME-1-LAB-1 05-07-2019 Download
TEQIP-III/2019/UP/ietl/238 IET-TEQIP-3-ME-1-LAB-2 05-07-2019 Download
TEQIP-III/2019/UP/ietl/239 IET-TEQIP-3-ME-1-LAB-3 05-07-2019 Download
TEQIP-III/2019/UP/ietl/240 IET-TEQIP-3-ME-1-LAB-4 05-07-2019 Download
TEQIP-III/2019/UP/ietl/242 IET-TEQIP-3-ME-1-LAB-6 05-07-2019 Download
TEQIP-III/2019/UP/ietl/243 IET-TEQIP-3-ME-1-LAB-7A 05-07-2019 Download
TEQIP-III/2019/UP/ietl/244 IET-TEQIP-3-ME-1-LAB-7B 05-07-2019 Download
TEQIP-III/2019/UP/ietl/245 IET-TEQIP-3-ME-1-LAB-8 05-07-2019 Download
TEQIP-III/2019/UP/ietl/257 IET-TEQIP-3-ME-1-LAB-8A 05-07-2019 Download

Faculty Publications

J B Srivastava Srivastava. J.B Shukla. A.K,.Singh. N.B, A New Vision in urban planning To Achieve Clean Air, National Seminar On “Public Participation For Environmental Control” .organised by SD Engineering College Muzaffarnagar, 2007,
A K Shukla A.K.Shukla, Ajay kumar Vasanwal, Comaritive Study Of Noise Descriptors And Noise Exposure Level Due To Diwali Noise In Metropolitan City:Lucknow, International Conference on Infrastructure and development, 2018,
Nandita Dasgupta Nandita Dasgupta, Shivendu Ranjan, Mansi Gandhi, Nanoemulsions in food: market demand, Environmental Chemistry Letters, 2019, DOI : 10.1007/s10311-019-00856-2
Dhananjay Singh Devendra P. Maurya, Dhananjay Singh and Durgesh Pratap, Optimization of Solid State Fermentation Conditions For the Production of Cellulase By Trichoderma Reesei, Journal of Environmental Biology, 2012,
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Bharti Dwivedi Arunima Dey, Bhim Singh, Dinesh Chandra, Bharti Dwivedi, A Novel Approach to Minimize Torque Ripples in DTC Induction Motor Drive, IEEE International conference on Power, Control and Embedded Systems, 2010,
Bharti Dwivedi Saifullah Khalid, Bharti Dwivedi, Comparison of Control Strategies for Shunt Active Power Filter under balanced, unbalanced and distorted supply conditions, IEEE sponsored national conference on Advances in Electrical Power and Energy Systems, Ghaziabad, 2013,
Ram Chandra Singh Chauhan Manoj Shukla, R.C.S. Chauhan, V.K. Srivastava, Sudarshan Tiwari, Performance Analysis of Tree Based Inter-leaver with IDMA Systems using Optimum Power Allocation Algorithm, IEEE International Conference on Internet Multimedia Systems Architecture and Application in Bangalore, India, 9-11 , 2009,
Bharti Dwivedi Sandhya Gour, Bharti Dwivedi, Feeder Renovation in Distribution Systems, International Journal of Engineering and Technology, 2014,

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