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Institute of Engineering And Technology, Lucknow (better known as the "Engineering College" in Lucknow) is one of the premier engineering college in Uttar Pradesh and is the most sought after college during UPSEE counseling, The Institute was established in 1984. Admission is given on the basis of the rank obtained by the candidate in UPSEE-AKTU.

The institute has hostel facilities for boys and girls, committees consisting of elected student representatives manage them. All the hostels are located in the campus.

The institute is fully residential. The institute was formerly affiliated (1984-1999) to The University of Lucknow, currently An Autonomous Institute and recognised by AICTE. The institute is a constituent college of Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam Technical University.

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For Academic Documents Verification Please E-Mail to [email protected] with all the credentials to be verified.

Faculty Publications

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