Prof Vineet KansalIET, Lucknow, a state government and constituent college of Dr APJ Abdul Kalam Technical University, Lucknow was established in the Year 1984 aiming to provide the leadership in education and research with a focused approach on science and technology. The learning at IET is fulfilling, lifelong and enjoyable experience. We understand that only the enabling environment cherish and nurture creative minds and synergize them to greater heights of achievement in their pursuits. We have a vibrant atmosphere that breeds front runner innovators, social scientists, professional practitioners, entrepreneurs, academicians and thinkers of tomorrow. The emotional connect,mutual faith and trust of stakeholders is so strong that the short-term vicissitudes must not deflect the team in achieving this goal.

The institution has the social responsibility towards the educational uplift of the weaker sections of the society as a part of the organisational commitment. The critical regional issues are given the due consideration in learning, innovation and research. We strongly believe that the research excellence defines the future of the educational institutional landscape. Encouraging and strengthening alumni and industry connect is must for being a vibrant campus.

We promote interdisciplinary orientation with due opportunities for co-curricular, extra-curricular, intellectual activities and unparalleled emphasis on nurturing the individual. In the time of global pandemic, the pedagogy needs to redefine. The online learning and flip classrooms need to strengthen and laboratories to be supplemented with virtual labs.

I strongly believe that the success of an organization can’t be achieved while working in silos. It is the sum total of the dedicated efforts of its each and every individual. I am sure and confident that with the support and commitment of qualified and experienced faculty members, supportive administration and vibrant students, we shall be able to carve out the niche in pursuit of our vision and contribute to the development of the region and our motherland as visualised in National Education Policy 2020.

Jai Bharat


(Prof. Vineet Kansal)