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Exploring complex living systems including host-microbiome interactions at molecular, cellular, tissue, organ and organism scales requires knowledge of interdisciplinary science and engineering disciplines. Faculty and students of the Department of Biotechnology are working to develop ideas, processes and technologies to find innovative solutions in the areas of drug discovery, biopharmaceuticals, agriculture, food, bioenergy, bioremediation and biomaterials. They are pushing frontiers in bioreactor engineering, nanotechnology, synthetic biology, genome editing, microbiome engineering, single cell multi-omics, biomedical and microfluidic devices such as organ on chip and organoid on chip, 3D bioprinting, bioinformatics and policy action to fulfil the present and future societal needs. The Department of Biotechnology provides students a solid foundation and advances in Biotechnology and its applications.

The Department of Biotechnology  offers M.Tech. Programme in Biotechnology, a four semester, two year, full time programme. It is approved by the All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE), New Delhi. The sanctioned intake is 18 per year. The M.Tech. Biotechnology Programme is the oldest M.Tech. Programme of the Institute started in 1994. Besides, the Department of Biotechnology also offers Ph.D. Programme in Biotechnology and Ph.D. Programme in Bioinformatics. The faculty members of the Department are academic leaders in their area of expertise with proven research credentials. The Department of Biotechnology has excellent infrastructure including state of the art laboratories.

Vision of Department

To develop Department of Biotechnology as a Centre of Excellence for teaching, research and innovation

Mission of Department

Build a world-class premier Centre of Excellence for biotechnological studies, research and innovation that provide an excellent teaching-learning environment to students with high degree of employability.

Skill and knowledge development through start-ups and incubation centre.

Build a reputation in patents-oriented commercially viable applied biotechnology research.

Networking with the institutions & industries and rendering services to the community as well as creating  mass awareness on the facets and fruits of biotechnology for the social and economic development of the Country.



Department of Biotechnology is being developed as a Centre of Excellence of its kind to become the leading store house of innovations in the Country. Department has a unique, vibrant and progressive eco-system to foster and nurture innovations. Outcome based education with high degree of employability is the first and foremost deliverable of the Department.

Programmes Offered

Programme Specialization Intake Started In
Master of Technology (Regular) Biotechnology 18 1994

Regular Faculty

Name Designation E-Mail
Dr. Bhartendu Nath Mishra Professor [email protected]

Contractual Faculty

Master of Technology ( Biotechnology )
Name Designation E-Mail
Dr. Neha Verma Assistant Professor (Contract) [email protected]
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