FDP / Workshops

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Deep Learning Expert Lecture -
Disaster Management with Special Emphasis to Biological Disasters like Coronavirus Expert Lecture -
Joy and Challenges of Being a Civil Engineer Expert Lecture -
Pathway Engineering of Secondary Plant Products Expert Lecture -
Pervasive use of Artificial Intelligence in Industry Expert Lecture -
Managerial Skills and Interpersonal Dynamics Expert Lecture -
Unnat Bharat Abhiyan Expert Lecture -
Potential of Hydrogen as a Prospective Low-emission Fuel Expert Lecture -
Innovation and Intellectual Property Right Expert Lecture -
Career Opportunities for a Chemical Engineer, Why Entrepreneurship is a Crucial One Expert Lecture -
Digital Switching for Tele-Communication Expert Lecture -
How to communicate Effectively Expert Lecture -
Peer to Peer Networks Expert Lecture -
Energy and environment problems facing the third world and their probable solutions for sustainable development and poverty alleviation Expert Lecture -
Opportunities and Challenges in Electrical Engineering for Home Appliances Expert Lecture -
Inaugural Lecture on Blockchains & Bitcoins Expert Lecture -
Industry 4.0 by Dr Manish Gupta MNNIT Allahabad Expert Lecture -
Indigence of Inter-Disciplinary Skills in Robotics : Consternation or Motivation Expert Lecture -
Microcontroller based System Design Workshop -
Hardware Implementation of Embedded System Design, IoT Development, and DSP Application Workshop -