Applied Sciences Department

The Department of Applied Sciences was established with the mission to connect pure and basic sciences and humanities with engineering practices. The department offers core course in Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Humanities to impart basic input among undergraduates and post graduates students. The department provides a well-equipped laboratories to students in the field of Physics, Chemistry and Language lab for their practical training and skill development.

Chemical Engineering Department

The department offers an academic programme leading to B.Tech degree in chemical engineering. The department has a highly qualified faculty to guide the students at every step. The department has strength of highly qualified faculty, which give their valuable guidance to the students. Dept. headed by Shri Ram Pravesh.

The curriculum is fully updated and meets the industry requirements and trends in the industry. The electives provide an opportunity to the students to hone their practical skills and strengthen their practical and theoretical base.

Computer Center

The institute has well-equipped air-conditioned computer laboratories with the latest in both hardware and software. All the computers are part of an intranet. The institute has high bandwidth Internet connectivity round the clock. Students and researchers have 24 hour-access to the computational facilities.

Computer Science and Engineering

Vision of Department

To contribute at national and international scenario through excellence in science and technology by providing a transformative education and research in the field of computer science and engineering and to cultivate the attitude and skills of employability, entrepreneurship, start-up among students so that they can become a valuable resource not only for the industry but also for the society.

MTech Bio Technology

Biotechnology is one of the most promising disciplines of engineering and technology that has been assessed as an area of prime importance and relevance by the government. The institute offers M.Tech. as well as Ph.D. programmes in Biotechnology. The Head of Biotechnology Department is Dr. B. N. Mishra.