The Department of Applied Sciences was established with the mission to connect pure and basic sciences and humanities with engineering practices. The department offers core course in Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Humanities to impart basic input among undergraduates and post graduates students. The department provides a well-equipped laboratories to students in the field of Physics, Chemistry and Language lab for their practical training and skill development.

The department also facilitates interdisciplinary Ph. D. programme in Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Humanities with the help of highly qualified faculties under the guidance of Prof Alka Tripathi, Head, Applied Science Department, Institute of Engineering and Technology, Lucknow.

Vision of Department

To inform and motivate students to study and apply the fundamental aspects of applied sciences in engineering and technology by grooming the analytical skills of the students with the basics of humanities and management sciences.

Mission of Department

M1: To play a pivotal role in laying the foundations of engineering education by building the professional strengths of the students in basic sciences & engineering disciplines and strengthening the foundation of aspiring engineers.

M2: To provide a better learning environment for the students, preparing the students at par with the global technical workforce, building confidence, character and human values.

M3: To upgrade the quality of technical education and produce dynamic engineers and entrepreneurs for the country.


Regular Faculty

Name Designation E-Mail
Dr. Sanjay Srivastava Professor & HOD [email protected]
Dr. Sanjay Kumar Singh Professor [email protected]
Dr. A K Katiyar Professor [email protected]
Dr. Om Prakash Singh Professor [email protected]
Dr. Suyash Narayan Mishra Associate Professor [email protected]
Dr. Manoj Kumar Assistant Professor [email protected]
Dr. Pragati Shukla Assistant Professor [email protected]
Dr. Santosh Kumar Singh Assistant Professor [email protected]
Dr. Karunesh Kumar Singh Assistant Professor [email protected]

Contractual Faculty

Name Designation E-Mail
Dr. Ananya Dwivedi Assistant Professor (Contract) [email protected]
Dr. Arpit Katiyar Assistant Professor (Contract) [email protected]
Dr. Kamrul Hasan Assistant Professor (Contract) [email protected]
Dr. Parul Dohare Assistant Professor (Contract) [email protected]
Er. Prashant Dubey Assistant Professor (Contract) [email protected]
Dr. Rohit Prakash Assistant Professor (Contract) [email protected]
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