Dr. Karunesh Kumar Singh

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  1. AR Gairola , K.K. Singh , L.N. Mishra Degree of Approximation by Certain Durrmeyer Type Operators, Discontinuity, Nonlinearity, and Complexity, L & H Scientific Publishing, 2022, DOI : 10.5890/DNC.2022.06.006
  2. Karunesh Kumar Singh , Purshottam Narain Agrawal On Szász-Durrmeyer type modification using Gould Hopper polynomials, Mathematical Foundations of Computing, American Institute of Mathematical Sciences, 2022, DOI : 10.3934/mfc.2022011


  1. TAK Sinha , KK Singh , AK Sharma On Simultaneous Approximation and Combinations of Lupas Type Operators, Kragujevac Journal of Mathematics, Faculty of Science, University of Kragujevac, Kragujevac, Serbia, 2021,


  1. Arun Kajla , Syed Abdul Mohiuddine , Abdullah Alotaibi , Meenu Goyal and Karunesh Kumar Singh Approximation by v-Baskakov-Durrmeyer-Type Hybrid Operators, IRANIAN JOURNAL OF SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY TRANSACTION A-SCIENCE, Springer , 2020, DOI : https://doi.org/10.1007/s40995-020-00914-3
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  1. Swayam Course on ''Numerical Linear Algebra'' - NPTEL and IIT Roorkee Attendee
  2. Swayam Course on ''Mathematical Methods and its Applications'' - NPTEL and IIT Roorkee Attendee
  3. Intrenational Conference on Mathematical Analysis and Its Applications - South Asian University New Delhi Attendee


  1. Mathematical Tools and Recent Advances in Applied Mathematics(MTRAAM) - Madan Mohan Malaviya University of Technology, Gorakhpur Attendee
  2. Mathematical Analysis and its Applications - Vivekananda College, University of Delhi Attendee
  3. Swayam course on Measure Theory - NPTEL Online Certification Attendee
  4. TWO-WEEK REFRESHER COURSE IN “MATHEMATICS" - Department of Mathematics,Ramanujan College, University of Delhi Attendee
  5. Applications of Mathematics in Business and Social Sciences - IQAC, Miranda House, University of Delhi Attendee
  6. Renewable Energy & Effluent Treatment(REET-2021) - IET Lucknow Attendee
  7. National Seminar on Mathematical Prospective for Engineers - Babu Banarasi Das Northern India Institute of Technology Lucknow Invited Talk
  8. Advances in Renewable and Bio energy - Institute of Engineering and Technology Lucknow Attendee