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This work presents a comprehensive review of the design and implementation of prepaid electronic energy meters. It proposes a solution to curb electricity theft in developing countries through a prepaid energy metering system. Each consumer unit would have a smart energy meter with a Global System for Mobile Communication (GSM) module connecting it to a server at the service provider's end. This setup enables bidirectional communication via SMS, allowing consumers to recharge meters according to their needs. Measures are outlined to prevent meter bypassing and tampering, leveraging GSM-based communication to enhance effectiveness. Implementation of these measures alongside prepaid metering could significantly reduce electricity pilferage, with provisions for legal action against dishonest consumers. Despite the widespread adoption of electronic meters globally, many countries lag in deploying such technology. The designed prepaid electronic energy meter aims to eliminate billing issues, and ensure stability, accuracy, and tamper resistance, thereby resolving problems associated with overcharging, billing discrepancies, and customer payment inconveniences.
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