The life of students in hostels, empowers understudies to invest plentiful energy in the establishment, use library and different facilities to ensure that they grow scholastically and procure the essential abilities that can be acquired distinctly through experience. Furthermore, the hostel life permits understudies to associate with their partners and companions, and form into great individuals equipped for autonomous judgment and skilful in taking care of the day-today challenges of life.


Bhabha Hostel for boys with the capacity of 104 occupants, exist in the campus.

Food / Mess

Clean and Hygienic Mess facility is provided from breakfast to dinner, incorporating three days special food facility per weak.


Security conveyed at every door of the hostel keeps a nearby watch on each person's movements. CCTV monitoring of the campus is done round the clock.

Ragging-free environment

To provide ragging-free environment in the hostels, wardens are very vigilant so that the students cease from ragging or some other sorts of indiscipline. Anti-ragging cell and discipline advisory group establishes a hostel environment that places accentuation on learning and self-improvement. Hostel have a zero-resilience strategy on ragging, in accordance with the judgement of the Supreme Court of India, UGC guidelines and State Government policies.

Hostel wide networking

All the academic departments, hostels, library and other central facilities are interconnected through access points to campus wide network. The power of Internet and its capabilities to support the academic research and studies as well as sharing knowledge is well known. For the same purpose, college provides internet access at each room of hostel.

Hostel facilities

The following facilities are provided in the hostels:

  • Courts for outdoor games like Badminton

  • Clean and Hygienic washrooms.

  • 24 Hrs. Internet

  • Water Purifier

  • Parking