Dr. Pushkar Tripathi



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FDP/Seminar/Conference/Webinars Participated

Title Activity Type Duration Sort ascending Participated as Status
IDEAthon-2020 Hackathon - Coordinator National
Pravah: Arts and cultural fest of AKTU Others - Coordinator State
“Startup Weekender-I” an interactive session on “Cheap Learning and entrepreneurship” Seminar - Coordinator Institute
PSCAD for Electrical and Electronics Engineers Workshop - Expert Institute
SIH Screening (Internal Hackathon) Hackathon - Coordinator Institute
Zonal Round of E-Summit of IIT Roorkee Hackathon - Coordinator National
Train the trainers on Examination Reforms Workshop - Attendee National
Outcome Based Education and Accreditation Workshop - Invited Talk Institute
Power Quality Management in Smart Grid Expert Lecture - Coordinator Institute
Smart Grid & Automation FDP - Co-Coordinator National
Introduction to MATLAB, PSCAD and LATEX Short Term Course - Expert National
Refresher workshop "Good Governance" Workshop - Attendee National
Innovation and Incubation of Startups Seminar - Invited Talk Institute
Recent Trends in Power System Management Short Term Course - Invited Talk State
Analysing Effect of Integration of Renewable Energy in Distribution Network using OpenDSS Workshop - Coordinator Institute
Importance of Innovation and Intellectual Property Rights Seminar - Coordinator National
Panel Discussion on “Shouldn’t you start a startup when you are a student?” Seminar - Coordinator Institute
4th World Summit on Accreditation "Challenges & Opportunities in Outcome Based Accreditation" Conference - Attendee International
Startup Conclave 2018 Others - Attendee National
Active Learning, Autonomy, Academic Governance and R&D Short Term Course - Attendee National
Startup Parikrama Workshop - Coordinator State
FDP on "Smart Grid Technologies" FDP - Organizer National
Universal Human Values and Professional Ethics FDP - Attendee State