B Tech
Status of Project
The Li-Fi (light fidelity) technology was proposed by the German Scientist namely Harald Haas. The main function of this technology is to transmit the data via light. This technology is idyllic for high-speed wireless communication in a restricted region, and it offers many benefits over Wi-Fi technology such as high bandwidth, ease of use, efficiency, and safety. These systems can communicate from street lights to auto-piloted cars using their headlights. As the light speed is superior hence the data communication speed is also faster in the existing system. Furthermore, this technology can be implemented for speedy data access for the laptops, and gadgets that will be transmitted during the beam in a room.
Students Involved
Megha Singh(1900520310033) Shivendra Pandey(1900520310057) Vishwas Vijay(1900520310067) Nitin Kumar(1900520310042)
Final Submission Date