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This work is based on Multifunctional underwater Surveillance bot, we initially delve into the evolution of underwater surveillance bot platforms, emphasizing the critical necessity for enhancing underwater sensing technologies to bolster the autonomous capabilities of these robots amidst the intricacies of the underwater environment. Certainly! This project highlights the significance of advancing underwater sensing technologies to enhance the autonomous functioning of underwater robots, addressing the challenges posed by the complex underwater environment. It examines the function of marine robots, especially unmanned vehicles, in conducting underwater surveillance. It involves overseeing and managing a designated area to identify potential threats, Lost items, Location of threats and Image of the Location. All information is processed, transmitted, and received via a platform built around microcontrollers. With the advancement of computer and information processing technology, a wide variety of robots have been created. Two microcontroller boards and two radio frequency modules can be used to create a low-cost underwater robot with a fully wireless propulsion system. The robot's propulsion mechanism is controlled both horizontally and vertically by three custom-made waterproof thrusters. The robot's camera functions as its eyes, and the sensor effectively serves as a specialized eye by focusing on variables or elements in its surroundings. It can be applied to several tasks, including debris inspection, pipeline and submerged structure inspection, oceanographic surveys, monitoring of underwater environments, and more.
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