Aryabhata Hostel is on the name of famous Indian mathematician and Astronomer Aryabhata (476–550 CE).

Aryabhatta Hostel is having a capacity of 104 rooms for students, 03 rooms for Staff, 02 Common Halls for recreational activities, and 01 big Mess with Siting arrangements (up to 100 students at once can dine). This Hostel can accommodate up to 400 students.

The hostel is administered by chief warden and assisted by warden/Resident warden.

Each room is provided with furniture needed by a student i.e. bed, cupboard, etc. Hostel rooms are allotted on "first come first serve basis".

The entire mess area is air-cooled and students are provided with breakfast, lunch, & dinner. The hostel mess committee under the supervision of Warden /resident Warden coordinates with the mess manager for smooth running of the mess.

The mess committee monitors the quality, taste and hygiene of food served in the mess. They also interact with the mess vendor / manager to provide him with the feedback of students and to introduce possible changes in the menu. Review and inspection of the food quality is carried out at regular intervals.


  • Mess with separate cooking area and dining area & Store Facility.
  • Dedicated Highspeed Wi-Fi on each Floor.
  • Water purifying system along with water Coolers at each floor.
  • Hot water supply through geysers in winter (separate for each floor).
  • Daily newspaper (Hindi & English) and TV facility.
  • 24x7 guard security system.
  • Sports Facility (Table Tenis, Yoga etc.& outdoor Badminton, Volleyball etc. )

Ragging-free environment

The University Grants Commission vide its letter no F.1-16/2007 (CPP-II) dated June 17, 2009 has reiterated the ban on ragging of students in Institutions of Higher Learning.

To provide ragging-free environment in the Aryabhatta hostels, wardens/ resident wardens are very vigilant so that the students cease from ragging or some other sorts of indiscipline. Anti-ragging cell and discipline advisory group establishes a hostel environment that places accentuation on learning and self-improvement.