Shauryotsava, the annual sporting spectacle, a birthchild of IET's young blood turns 20 this year, and is all set to scale new zeniths in the pursuit of excellence and vibrancy. All in all, teams from colleges near and far, embracing the best house of sportspersons and spirited audience are here to make a mark, and leave all set of eyes in awe of the exuberance.

About Us


IET Lucknow brings to you one of the biggest atheletics event of the year, SHAURAYOTSAVA. Each preceding year SHAURAYOTSAVA lights up the leading minds of every single person having a thirst to achieve glory in the field of sport. Each year it grows in its dimensions, becoming the largest inter collegiate sports event in the city, and attracting participants from all over the state.


Thrill of the strongest kind, excitement going high to the zenith of those all and an erudition that awaits all sporting zealots to show up and be a part of this spectacular sporting fiesta. Expecting a footfall in thousands, this version of the Shaurya stands up to its name, in all possible ways.


Apart from winning laurels for yourself and your college, you win thousands of hearts, making millions of memories and living each one of them to it's fullest . Whether you win a race or lose your voice cheering it all adds moments to your journey. In three days at SHAURYOTSAVA you are guaranteed an experience worth cherishing your entire life.

Dates of the events

Shauryotsava(Main Event) - February 18-20, 2018
Registration Starts - 20 Jan, 2018


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News Updates

03Jan 2018

Registration Starts Soon!

We shall start our registration process for Shauryotsava 2K18 from 20 January. Come and witness the greatest sports fest of the city and participate to make your college proud. Register in the fest and participate in the events you feel like.

07 Jan 2018

Event List Updated

Event list has been updated with even more events like Throw-Ball, Hand-Ball added to the list this time. Register now to participate in these awesome events and win yourself amazing prizes and awesome memories.

21Feb 2018

Results of Shauryotsava 2k18 are out

After the successful consummation of shauryotsava 2k18 ,we are glad to inform you that a large number of students from different institutions participated in Shauryotsava 2k18. The participation from a large number of Colleges brought Shauryotsava at a new height of vivacity and grandeur. Click here!