Important Documents

Title PDF
NBA Accreditation Status 2022-2025 nba_2022_2025.pdf
AICTE Approval Letter 2022-23 EOA_IET_2022-23.PDF
NIRF 2022 Submitted Data (Overall) nirf_2022_overall.pdf
NIRF 2022 Submitted Data nirf_2022_data.pdf
UGC Autonomy Extension ugc_autonomy.pdf
ARIIA Report ARIIA _Updated_Report_ARI-C-49311.pdf
PhD Scholars phd_10yr.pdf
Undertaking UGC undertaking_ugc.pdf
AICTE Approval Letter 2021-22 EOA_IET_2021-22.PDF
Annual Report 2019-20 ar_2019_20.pdf
Balance Sheet 2019-20 audited_bs_2019-20.pdf
NIRF 2021 Submitted Data nirf_2021_data.pdf
Annual Report 2018-19 ar_2018_19.pdf
Institutional Membership of Institution of Engineers (India) IM000678-7_IET_000208.pdf
AICTE Approval Letter 2020-21 EOA_IET_2020-21.PDF
NBA Accreditation Status IET21_11_2019_12_55_33.pdf
Balance Sheet 2018-19 audited_bs_2018-19.pdf
Balance Sheet 2017-18 audited_bs_2017-18.pdf
Model Rules for Consultancy and Testing Consultancy-Testing Rules-new.pdf
Balance Sheet 2016-17 audited_bs_2016-17.pdf
Balance Sheet 2015-16 audited_bs_2015_16.pdf
UGC 2f and 12B Status Institute_UGC_2f_and_12B_Doc.pdf
Service Rules service_rules_04april13.pdf
Bye Laws bye_laws_04april13.pdf
NPTEL Valuable Chapter 2019-2021 nptel.pdf
Institute Innovation and StartUp Policy IISP_IETLucknow.pdf
Equity Action Plan TEQIP Phase III EAP_IET_Lucknow.pdf