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  1. Sana , Anum Khan , Subodh Wairya Design and Analysis of Hybrid full adder Topology using Regular and Triplet Logic Design, International Journal of Innovative Technology and Exploring Engineering , 2020, DOI : 10.35940/ijitee.L8024.1091220
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  15. Ashish Kumar Singh , Manas Ranjan Tripathy , Kamalaksha Baral, , Prince Kumar Singh, and Satyabrata Jit Impact of interface trap charges on device level performances of a lateral/vertical gate stacked Ge/Si TFET-on-SELBOX-substrate, Appl. Phys A, 2020, Impact Factor : 1.810
  16. Dr. Shilpi Jauhari , Mrs Jolly Rastogi An analysis and interpretation of role of Professional development skills, International journal of management, 2020, DOI : IJM_11_09_074 Impact Factor : 10.14
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  23. Kapil Kumar Gupta , Namrata Dhanda , Upendra Kumar A Noval Hybrid Method for Segmentation and Analysis of Brain MRI for Tumor Diagnosis, Advances in Science, Technology and Engineering Systems Journal, 2020, DOI : 10.25046/aj050303
  25. Adarsh Kumar Tiwari , Shashwat Nagar , A. K. Shukla Innovative Technologies for Construction of Rural Road Pavements using Local Resources, IJEAT, 2020, DOI : 10.35940/ijeat.E9989.069520 Impact Factor : 6.02
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