Data Structures & Algorithms Lab

The objective of DAta Structures and Algorithms Lab (DASAL) at [email protected] is to provide practical learning on various data structures and to understand the processing of different algorithm for problem-solving. This lab complements the data structures and computer algorithms courses. DASAL provides the requisite environment for design and analysis of algorithms for solving complex problems in the field of computer science. Students gain practical knowledge by writing and executing programs in C/C++/JAVA using various data structures and implementing algorithm principles. The latest platforms compilers are provided to the students to run their programs.

The list of equipments in DASAL:

  • 40 desktops of core i7 Intel 3.4 GHz with 8GB RAM and 1TB HDD connected to 24x7 1GBPS high-speed Internet connections.
  • 30-45 minutes Power Backup
  • Laserjet Printers - 2
  • LCD Projectors



  • KCS - 351 Data Structures using C Lab
  • RCS - 552 Design & Analysis of Algorithms Lab
  • RCS - 652 Compiler Design Lab



Mr Manik Chandra



Mr RItendra Goel



Mr Manik Chandra

Room# 221, First Floor, [email protected]