Room No
Dr Rajeev Kumar Singh
Lab Area: 990 Sqfeet
Room Number: EC 108

Lab Faculty: Er. Kriti Prakash (Research Scholar)

Lab Assistant: Mr. Kunwar Singh

Lab Assistant: Ms. Anjali Mishra

Lab Staff: Mr. Ashish Kumar

Courses Covered

    KEC353_Network Analysis & Synthesis Lab_2019

    IEC453_Network Analysis & Synthesis Lab_2023

  • KEC 353 Network Analysis & Synthesis Lab_2019
  • IEC 453 Network Analysis & Synthesis Lab_2023
  • List Of Experiments

    KEC353_Network Analysis & Synthesis Lab_2019

    1. Verification of Kirchhoff’s laws.
    2. Verification of Superposition theorem.
    3. Verification of Thevenin’s Theorem and Maximum power transfer theorem.
    4. Verification of Tallegen's theorem.
    5. Measurement of power and power factor in a single phase AC series inductive circuit and study improvement of power factor using capacitor.
    6. Study the phenomenon of resonance in an RLC series circuit and obtain resonant frequency.
    7. Determination of parameters of AC single phase series RLC circuit.
    8. To find poles and zeros of immittance function.
    9. Design and find cut-off frequency of low pass and high pass filters.
    10. Design and find the pass band frequencies of band pass filters.
    11. Design and find the stop band frequencies of band-reject filters.